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    Windows and doors are two of the most important components of a house, since these are exposed to the outside world and are visible to everyone. Almost all homeowners ensure that their doors are topnotch and give an impressive look to their house, but often times the windows are somewhat neglected.This can be due to many different reasons, but there are some obvious signs that can give you a hint of what the condition of your windows is and whether they need replacement or not. Read on to discover the 7 ways that help you determine whether it’s time to replace your windows:1.      Damage of Any KindCracked or broken glasses on the window, broken windowsills, etc., are all obvious signs

  • Custom glass design is an innovative way to add a unique twist (or twists!) to your home. These specialty projects exist in a large variety of forms, and can beautify your home in surprising ways. Not only do they add a special touch to your place, but they can also make interior spaces appear larger and bring in more light. Add to your home décor in these imaginative and stylish ways. 1)   Clear Glass Wall Space Have you considered substituting part of your wall with glass? Not only will this succeed in a larger looking space, but the boldness of the glass will also draw immediate attention to it. 2)   Mirrored Glass Wall Mirrors Instead of using clear glass in

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    Using a frameless glass shower door can give your bathroom a sharp appearance. It’s hard to determine the ultimate magnificence of these without having seen one yourself. They seek to provide a contrast from the traditional confined framed shower doors. No matter how your bathroom is designed, I bet a frameless glass shower entryway can add a beautiful dimension for your imagination. Antiquated standard of a bathtub and shower combo with a curtain hanging on rings can inevitably leak. Whilst there is hardly ever enough time for it to dry, the problem can be made worse when liners get moldy. A new innovation came into the market with the sliding glass door transfixed to the bathtub via aluminum pipes. Though it