7 Ways to Determine Whether It's Time to Replace Your Windows


Windows and doors are two of the most important components of a house, since these are exposed to the outside world and are visible to everyone. Almost all homeowners ensure that their doors are topnotch and give an impressive look to their house, but often times the windows are somewhat neglected.

This can be due to many different reasons, but there are some obvious signs that can give you a hint of what the condition of your windows is and whether they need replacement or not. Read on to discover the 7 ways that help you determine whether it’s time to replace your windows:

1.      Damage of Any Kind

Cracked or broken glasses on the window, broken windowsills, etc., are all obvious signs that your window needs replacement. Although these things can often times be repaired instead of having to replace the whole window itself, it is always better if you do replace them to save time and possibly money, depending on the severity of the damage.

2.      Temperature Sensitive

Another common sign that determines whether your window needs to be replaced or not, is when the window itself is hot during summers or cold during winters. Windows are meant to keep the global temperature outdoors, but if your window fails to do so, then it needs to be replaced.

3.      Trouble Opening or Closing

If you are experiencing problems when trying to open or close your windows, then you should consider the possibility of how dangerous it can be in the case of an emergency. All windows should be able to open, close and lock without any difficulty at all. This is a sign that you should get the window replaced, bearing in mind that the dimensions are correct.

4.      Unattractive Windows

Windows that don’t make your house look impressive, or if you have grown tired of the existing look of your windows, then consider having them replaced. There are a lot of different styles of windows available in the market and replacing the current one with a better one might give your house the added touch of elegance that can really turn the look around.

5.      Monthly Energy Bills

A window that fails to keep the temperature out of the house is obviously going to result in a hefty energy bill at the end of the month. The heating and cooling costs are bound to go up so, replacing the current windows with a more energy-efficient option would work in your advantage for sure.

6.      Condensation

A good double paned window will have a small layer of air in between the glass which results in better insulation for your home. If your existing window has frost buildup or condensation, then you should definitely consider replacing the existing window and upgrading to a better one.

7.      Beams of Light Coming Through the Windowsill

If you notice a beam of light coming through any corner or side of the windowsill, it is a sign that it needs replacement. There shouldn’t be any light coming through the windowsill or the casing. If not repaired or replaced, there is a possibility of insects, water etc., to come through the window as well.


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