10 Surprising Ways Custom Glass Design can add to your Home Decor

Custom glass design is an innovative way to add a unique twist (or twists!) to your home. These specialty projects exist in a large variety of forms, and can beautify your home in surprising ways. Not only do they add a special touch to your place, but they can also make interior spaces appear larger and bring in more light. Add to your home décor in these imaginative and stylish ways.

1)   Clear Glass Wall Space

Have you considered substituting part of your wall with glass? Not only will this succeed in a larger looking space, but the boldness of the glass will also draw immediate attention to it.

2)   Mirrored Glass Wall Mirrors

Instead of using clear glass in your wall space, why not install a mirrors from the ceiling to the floor instead? Wall mirrors can make small rooms look instantly more spacious, and allow you to fully view yourself in a large dressing room.

3)   Glass Desktop in the Office

Home offices can have a tendency to be drab and boring. You can counter that, however, by jazzing up the top of your desk with a clear glass sheet. Not only will this contribute to a clean and professional look, but it will also help the room look larger, since you’ll be able to look beyond the desk instead of being obstructed by it.

4)   Custom Mirrors

Wall spaces can sometimes be too awkwardly constructed for you to affix a mirror on them, no matter how appropriate you feel said mirror would be in that space. Well, that doesn’t mean you should forego using a mirror altogether there. Look into custom designed mirrors that are created to be hung on walls that aren’t quadrilateral enough for traditional mirrors.

5)   Custom Glass Doors

What better statement piece than a glass doorway? These can be especially dramatic on the patio door, though you may want to keep your privacy intact through the use of blinds. Decorative glass in French doors can look exceptionally tasteful as well.

6)   Glass Dining Room Table

Is your dining table made of metal or wood? A glass insert in the middle of it is sure to be a great conversation started regardless of the answer.

7)   On the Topic of Tables…

But why stop at dining room tables? The beauty of glass lies in its ability to accentuate nearly every material or design. You can use a glass topped design on a variety of tables, including a side or coffee table.

8)   Custom Glass Cabinet Doors

Do you conceal your beautiful plates and dinnerware behind opaque cabinet doors? Well, you can chose to display your taste instead, by storing these items in cabinets with glass doors.

9)   Custom Artistic Mirrors

Unusual mirror shapes and design patterns can make any room look artistic.

10) Custom Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors can help transform your bathroom into a calm haven where you can reflect on the day.

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