• Custom glass design is an innovative way to add a unique twist (or twists!) to your home. These specialty projects exist in a large variety of forms, and can beautify your home in surprising ways. Not only do they add a special touch to your place, but they can also make interior spaces appear larger and bring in more light. Add to your home décor in these imaginative and stylish ways. 1)   Clear Glass Wall Space Have you considered substituting part of your wall with glass? Not only will this succeed in a larger looking space, but the boldness of the glass will also draw immediate attention to it. 2)   Mirrored Glass Wall Mirrors Instead of using clear glass in

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    Glass Cutting When cutting glass, using the appropriate tools is crucial for ensuring efficient utilization of the material. Since glass is a very delicate material itself, improper handling may leave stress marks on the material resulting in undesirable ruptures or even breaking it into fragments. Professional Glass Cutting Although many industry professionals use manual techniques, there are a few tools that are specifically designed for glass cutting such as: Cutting Tables There are a variety of tables designed for cutting glass. Their characteristics include the following: Regulating the angle of inclination to ensure user comfort Rules on the edges and accessories to separate the thin glass pieces Mechanical guides that have incorporated glass cutters allowing fast cutting Motors for moving