9 Ways Frameless Shower Doors Can Improve your Bathroom


Inspired by those home improvement programs you keep seeing on TV? Don’t you just love those luxurious and spacious bathrooms? If you think about it, it isn’t difficult to bring some luxury into your life too. Frameless shower doors are just one way you can get luxurious look. Here are 9 ways to go frameless.

A simple way of improving your bathroom is by replacing the shower glass.

  1. It looks spacious! The frame that highlights the glass door gives it a look of obscuring the space. When it’s gone, you get more space, it looks bigger and better.
  2. It is easier to clean. You don’t have to scrub those aluminum frame corners which after sometime, start to leave ugly looking rust from being wet most of the time. The aluminium frames start to rust away after getting in contact with water constantly. They leave brownish water drops that spoil the entire look of the bathroom.
  3. It is a one-time investment. Although frameless shower glass is more expensive than a framed one, it is thicker. You can just install it and leave it there for the next 10 years. The hinges on which it stands do not rust and stays smooth.
  4. It keeps your drain clean. When you clean your bathroom, the frame of the shower glass prevents water from draining in the shower drain. That leaves more mess in the shower area. A frameless shower glass will not have this problem.
  5. It looks smashing! Admit it, these glass doors look amazing! The frameless doors bring luxury and class in your bathroom. You will not be embarrassed the next time a guest walks in the bathroom during a visit.
  6. It brings more light into your bathroom. With the frames blocking up the light in your bathroom, the frameless door does not do that. The light is free to flow and makes your bathroom look brighter than before.
  7. It swings open. The frameless doors are fitted with hinges and do not have that sliding lining on the floor. The door simply swing open leaving enough space for you to clean easily. The sliding pipes are always a hassle to clean.
  8. It does not hurt your head every time you walk in. The frame of the glass door is short and you probably bump your head each time you walk in it. The frameless shower door omits this problem too. You just need to walk in, no matter how tall you are.
  9. Cool Door handles! With a frameless door, you can choose from a variety of door handles. This can bring some creativity and uniqueness in your bathroom. Choose from simple rod handles, or go for something cool like a tree shaped door handle.

Replacing the frame shower door with a frameless one has its own perks. It can transform your bathroom from being dingy to a million-dollar, sparkling clean place. Bathrooms are after all, a favorite hideout for many.

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