9 Ways To Determine Whether Your Home is Holiday Ready

Preparing your home for holidays can be hectic and stressful, but with some prior preparation you can do it without getting overly exhausted. With a few weeks in hand, you can still make sure that you and your house are ready to welcome the festive days. Let’s check out the 9 easy ways to determine that your house is holiday ready.

1) Is space de-cluttered?

Don’t go into the details of every corner of your house. Just make sure that your main space is looking neat and tidy. Focus on those areas where you will be hosting your guests and spending time with your family. Front porch, entrance, living room, bathrooms and kitchen should be the areas of your focus. Just de-clutter the space and put away all the items you removed in a closet or storeroom. Dust the area and your house will be ready!

2) Is your dinner table all set?

Holidays are all about being fancy and festive. So set up your dinner table accordingly. Use a colorful table cloth and complement it with fancy crockery. You can use Christmas-themed  place-cards and seasonal flowers to enhance the feeling of festivity.

3) Is the pantry ready?

Preparing food for a big dinner can become very taxing if your pantry has been ignored for a long time. Clean it, and fill it with the items that you will need in coming days.

4) Is the guestroom ready?

If your friends and relatives are coming to stay over, then make sure that you accommodate them with a courteous attitude. Make them feel right at home. Guest rooms should have neat and tidy pair of pillows and blankets and the bathrooms should be stocked with enough toiletries and clean towels.

5) Make room in your coat closet

Your guests will be coming in from the chilly weather outside, and will need a place to hang their coats and jackets. Remove all the clothes and hangers from the closet that have not been in use for a long time so there is space for your guests to hang their winter wear.

6) Is the fireplace ready?

Living room will certainly come to life with a cozy ambiance that your fireplace can easily provide. Make sure that all is well with the chimney and fire pit.

7) Are all the glass accessories in good shape?

Check whether your shower doors, mirrors and glass windows are in good shape. If you are willing to spend on decoration of your house in accordance with the holiday season, then you can get some mirrors and textured glass to brighten up the interior. Precision Glass and mirror will take care of the glass accessories in your house.

8) Are the floors clean?

Clean floors can give your home a more spacious look. However, cleaning them can be very time-consuming.  Dedicate an off day to tidy up the floors.

9) Is the plumbing system working properly?

Bathrooms and kitchens are in constant use during the holiday season. So it’s better to get your plumbing system inspected before the holidays to prevent any inconvenience for family and guests at the time of festivity.

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