5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Textured Glass for YourShower Remodel

Shower enclosures are usually bordered with a glass to separate the area from the rest of the room. It beautifies the outlook and places more emphasis on the texture of the walls. You can use it to enhance privacy by replacing plain glass with textured material. The glass should be upgraded before it gets too old. Replacing the old glass not only ensures safety but also improves the overall look of the washroom. The shower glass should not be avoided when you are planning to renovate the house.

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Following factors must be considered to choose the right glass for shower room..


Before starting the search, it is recommended to set your budget. You can go through different available options on the basis of your pre-defined spending limit. Without setting a limit, you may spend all your savings on just a glass door, not sparing any money for renovation of other rooms. It is a common practice to purchase a costly shower glass without determining whether there is enough money for other essential expenditures.


Maintenance of frosted or textured glass is quite difficult. Make sure that you do not purchase a design in which soap and foam can be collected. It should be easy to clean and all the deposited water bubbles should come out with ease. If regular cleaning is not required, your time and efforts can be saved. Moreover, framed glass is also difficult to clean. You can get a frameless shower glass to avoid the hassle.


The shower glass should be durable and safe from damages. If the glass is too thin, it may get broken easily and inflict harm on people. It should be long-lasting and stay in good condition for long. The glass should not be prone to damages in order to ensure the safety of residents. A durable glass is more costly, but it saves the expenses required to replace it often.


The design of glass and texture should be chosen carefully. It should look good with the rest of the room. You can either purchase an available design or get custom texture as per your preferences. The shower enclosure can be framed with custom panels to enhance privacy and durability. You can choose the right texture that does not look odd and has a good angle.


Thicker textured blocks may seem attractive, but they occupy more space. If your shower room is quite big, you can choose them. However, they should be avoided in smaller rooms in order to make use of the limited space. Thickness factor is usually avoided when installing a new shower glass during remodeling. But it should be taken into account to avoid discomfort.

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